At Social Muscle Club you will meet new people and take part in a simple sharing game - offer things you are willing to give away unconditionally, and make requests for things you’d like to receive. They might be concrete and practical things - like a tattoo, some plant cuttings, cash, or a holiday apartment in Costa Rica - or they might be abstract or relationship-focused - like help on a tax return, a shoulder to cry on, some ideas for a new project. The game is set within a wild cabaret of performance, with music, food and surprises. Everyone who comes leaves richer.


Established in Berlin in 2012, Social Muscle Club first arrived in Bristol for Ausform Micro-Fest in 2014, and since has taken place in different formats at The Island, Bristol Old Vic, Brunswick Club and even artists' living rooms. International clubs take place regularly in Basel, Berlin, Vienna and South Africa. Within this growing network, many artists have presented thrilling cameo performances in cities new to them, and have the opportunity to share their work with brand new international audiences. | facebook